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Maintaining the operation of a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 and achieved votes 2nd periodic monitoring by the end of T5 / 2016.
Ensure business on 650,000 meter 1 phase and 3-phase 25,000 meter satisfactory quality of supply to the market
Ensure supply of materials for the production needs of 1,000,000 meters and 35,000 meters 1 phase 3 phase schedule planned production and sales and quality assurance.
Supply of auxiliary equipment for SMT line activities and supply of materials for production lines with 200,000 planned production board
Striving to reduce customer complaints by 10% compared to 2015, technical error of 1-phase electricity meters PLC <0.40%; meter 1 phase and 3-phase electricity meter multiple tariffs <0.8%.
Ensuring 100% business contracts punctual delivery.
The successful implementation of enterprise management software ERP.