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    One solution for remote meter data at low cost is using electric power line. This solution has been known very early, but the application of this solution is in the face of many restrictions. The most consideration is the narrow bandwidth causing low speed transmission and high signal attenuation. However, the application of power lines electricity information is a very effective solution to take full advantage of  network infrastructure as power lines and minimize capital investments.

Company VI-NA-SI-NO and partner have successfully in researched PLC solutions and  application in the remote meter data transmission. The system automatically collects meter remotely using PLC technology has been widely deployed in a lot of Power companies in the South and North of VN; and apart of Khanh Hoa Power Company, monitoring and management of over 1800,000 customer meters with over 97% of transfer success rates  and 100% of accuracy rate.


Meter integrated module PLC transfer data through the power line to data concentrator unit (DCU). DCU has ability to collect data up to 1.000 meters of the station at the radius over 1000 m then send to HES (Head-end system) by module GPRS/3G integrated in DCU. Data received depends on single or three phase meter included: consumer energy, tariffs, current, voltage, meter status (reverse power, bypass current circuit, current leakage), power factor, load chart  ..

Advantages of the meter and application data transmission system with PLC

           Electricity metering meters more accurate touch

           Read indexes automatically and read directly.

           Indices end in one day.

           Warning error in the use of electricity.

           Minimize the power illegally.

           Reduced power losses.

           Automatic station efficiency.

           Calculate the volume of each customer by date / month.

           Warning abnormal output.

           Stations counted losses and losses throughout the system.

           Track indexes each customer.

          Calculated according to the phase output overload protection helps balance the local challenge

           Analyze and evaluate the data collected.

The system is really effective in the management of public and private records only numbers. Avoid errors due to wrong reading index, enter the wrong index ... etc. thereby minimizing customer complaints better served.