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The data of meter / Concentrator will sent to Sever by GPRS/3G module in which module installed SIM provides by ISP operating on cellular network. This solution has many advantages when using existed telecommunication infrastructure, high-speed and instant data transfer.


- Single phase or three phase muti-tariff meter for public -substation.

- Single phase or three phase muti-tariff meter for customers with high capacity. 


- Beside these advantages like PLC communication systems, data transmission by GPRS has added the following advantages: transfer package data included active power, reactive power, cos φ, current, voltage, load chart, meter status, CT , PT .... (single phase r multiple tariff meter, 3-phase multiple tariffs meter) to the Server.

           - High-speed data transmission and stable .


The cost of the transmitter module is relatively high compared with other solutions, to maintain a monthly subscription fee for the SIM to cater for the data transmission.