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          Company VI-NA-SI-NO has developed products VSE1R meters (with built-in RF transmitter data) 3 phase electricity meter and RF module fitted VSE3T. The system collects data by using Handheld or the concentrator through the Company's RF VI-NA-SI-NO has the ability to read data including power consumption, current, voltage, status meter (leakage, fraud electricity ...), data can be collected and can be poured into the Server to store and print invoices.

Pros: 200m transmission distance when no obstacles and obstructions 50m when recording power so employees can collect data without reading neighboring directly with the naked eye, less investment, easy to use, no extra costs incurred.

Cons: still require workers to the area to collect meter data collected only one time during the month.


In addition to data collection solution RF Handheld technology, companies also are exploring solutions to collect data using mobile devices (collected by car). Acquisition device installed on the vehicle, the staff just drove around the area and installation of meters, the system will automatically read the index. This device is integrated navigation function and GPS mapping software, the function automatically scans the meter location and then provide a roadmap for optimizing device ensures full data collection of all both counters.