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GPRS Solution

The data of meter / Concentrator will sent to Sever by GPRS/3G module in which module installed SIM provides by ISP operating on cellular network. This solution has many advantages when using existed telecommunication infrastructure, high-speed and instant data transfer.

Handheld RF Solutions

          Company VI-NA-SI-NO has developed products VSE1R meters (with built-in RF transmitter data) 3 phase electricity meter and RF module fitted VSE3T. The system collects data by using Handheld or the concentrator through the Company's RF VI-NA-SI-NO has the ability to read data including power consumption, current, voltage, status meter (leakage, fraud electricity ...), data can be collected and can be poured into the Server to store and print invoices.

Power Line communication Technology

    One solution for remote meter data at low cost is using electric power line. This solution has been known very early, but the application of this solution is in the face of many restrictions. The most consideration is the narrow bandwidth causing low speed transmission and high signal attenuation. However, the application of power lines electricity information is a very effective solution to take full advantage of  network infrastructure as power lines and minimize capital investments.